Say Goodbye to Squealing Brakes

Learn about our brake repair services in Cedar Rapids, IA

Does your car screech whenever you pump the brakes? Old, worn-out brakes and brake pads are more than just annoying-they can also be a serious risk to you and other drivers on the road.

At Havlik Auto Service, we offer unmatched brake repair services to drivers throughout the area. Whether you need a quick fix or a full replacement, you can count on us to help. We'll fix the squeal and make sure you're safe behind the wheel.

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Common signs of brake issues

Havlik Auto Service should be your top choice for brake repair and replacement work in Cedar Rapids, IA. We can resolve issues with brakes on most makes and models of vehicles. You might need to repair or replace your brakes if:

  • You have to push the brake pedal harder than usual to slow down your vehicle.
  • Your car pulls to one side when you pump the brakes.
  • You hear grinding or feel your car vibrating when you hit the brakes.

No matter how big or small the issue might be, you can depend on the brake mechanics at our auto repair shop in Cedar Rapids, IA to have your car running like new ASAP.

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